Our Story

FLATYZ was founded in 2012 by two candle industry veterans - Darius Igaris and Aidas Gilaitis.  After decades of working in and becoming leaders of the commodity candle industry in Eastern Europe, they yearned to express the full potential of their creative souls. FLATYZ was born and they set out to create a unique, handmade candle.  After three years of R&D they finally perfected a FLAT and NON-DRIPPING candle which came with its own stand. The owners went on to patent this creation in Europe.  Having a flat candle surface allowed the flow of their creative minds in terms of designs and application techniques for applying the art on to the surface of the candles.  To this day, FLATYZ is the only producer of a decorative handmade flat candle in world.  The product has received phenomenal response in Europe, Asia and in the US.  Since entering the US market two years ago, FLATYZ has gained more than 500 customers across the country (mainly independent store owners), participated at many major gift shows (NY, Atlanta, Las Vegas) as well as a few private vendor marts.

The Product

 FLATYZ decorative handmade candles are unique in many ways:

·        They’re manually poured and decorated

·        They’re drip resistant

·        They’re smokeless

·        They’re self-extinguishing 

·        The candles come with an easy-to-assemble steel base thus no need for any additional stand/tray. 

·        Only the highest quality German raw materials are used (natural paraffin, organic cotton wicks, certified paints)

·        Manufactured in Lithuania

·        Free Display is included with every order

The Manufacturing Process

From stringing square wooden frames with organic cotton wicks, to formulating the paraffin mass at just the right temperature, to pouring, shaving, dipping, decorating, assembling and packaging – everything is done by hand. 

The owners have a natural talent for artistic design and are responsible for creating most of the hand painted designs one can see in the company’s catalogue.  Some designs are driven/requested by FLATYZ customers, however prototypes for design lines and color schemes are created by Darius and Aidas. Once the customer approves a design, individual artists are painstakingly trained to replicate that design from candle to candle as the need to fill customer orders arises.  Various manual artisanal techniques are used to reproduce an image on to a surface of the candle including painting, etching, embossing, spraying and so on depending on the demands of the design.

All of this magic takes place in a quaint, 2,000 square foot artisan space in a basement of a commercial building in the city of Kaunas, Lithuania. FLATYZ currently employs 9 full-time people including the owners, production experts for making the candles and artisans for decorating them. During the peak seasons of various holidays, freelance artists (seasonal regulars) are subcontracted to assist with decorating the candles at their homes in order to meet customer demand.  

FLATYZ is proudly challenging the stereotypes of conventional candle shapes and designs.